Get to know the Response Library

Taking full advantage of the Response Library can help elevate your organisation’s development applications by providing a consistent approach to planning matters across your organisation. 

These matters may include development summaries and report overview, site context and analysis, assessment criteria, alternative solutions, code purpose and overall outcomes, overlays and higher-order strategic assessment and other relevant matter.

System Answers

  • An automated library of pre-formatted responses is available, aligned with assessment criteria.

  • Using the system answers can make for quicker assessment times. 

Team Answers

  • The opportunity to add any answers, discussion or data into the team answers library is available. 

  • Each answer saved into the library is tagged by the location field it was written in (e.g. saving a discussion on vegetation into the corresponding field, will save the tag as #vegetation).

  • You then have the ability to go back into the vegetation field and have access to any answer your team entered into there.

  • Use this feature to share answers across your team, providing a consistency between your organisation’s report writing. 

  • As the primary account holder, you have the option to amend the team answers to fit your organisation’s IP specifications. 

You can use the filter option in both the system and team answers to fin a list of all answers entered into the Response Library

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