A comprehensive Planning Summary is provided that you can refer to at any point within your application. 

What can I find in my Planning Summary?

The Planning Summary will provide you with Local, State and Federal data and resources that are applicable to your site/s. 

Local planning matters

  • Local mapping layers (height, density, zone, overlays, LGIP)

  • Primary use

  • Additional use/s

State planning matters

  • State mapping layers

  • State planning regulation

  • State referrals 

Federal planning matters

  • EPBC protected matters mapping


The Planning Summary will provide you with the most up to date local, state and federal codes and maps, that you can download at any time for your convenience.

These maps produce within the appendices of Part 2: Supporting documents - Town Planning Assessment Report. 

Download the maps and edit through an application of your choice (Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop etc.) to create a detailed site analysis.