What is the Documents feature?

The ‘Documents’ feature displays documents generated by both the Authority (e.g. notices and reports) and the Applicant (including all the application material and supporting documents uploaded by the applicant, divided into 4 parts).

When a document is published and an application moves statuses, that document is added to the Documents feature. That document is date stamped and lists the user's name who published the document.

Every document is added to the list, but based on your Authority's configurations, only certain documents may be visible to the Applicant.

Supporting documents & Documents are not the same

The ‘Supporting documents’ displays the documents uploaded by the applicant only. They can upload their individual forms, supporting documents, plans and drawings and specialist reports and information for the development application. The individual documents uploaded in Supporting documents will append to the 4 parts of the development application, those 4 parts are:

  • Part 1: Forms

  • Part 2: Supporting documents

  • Part 3: Plans and drawings

  • Part 4: Specalist information and other

You can use the ‘Download all’ button to download a zip folder containing all the documents listed in ‘Documents’. 

Please note that the Stamped Approved Documents are accessed by using the Download all button in the documents feature.

What do I use the Documents feature for?

Use this feature to view all the documents generated by Applicant and Authority for the application.

Where is the Documents feature located?

The Documents feature is located in the top toolbar of every application, it can be found on the top right of the application next to Planning Summary (See Figure 1 below).

Figure 1 - Document feature button

How do I use the Documents feature?

  1. Select the Document feature in the toolbar in the top right.

  2. Review the items in the list. Figure 2 below provides an example of what the Document feature looks like.

  3. Select the document you wish to view.

  4. The document will open in another window.

  5. You can download and save the documents from here.

Figure 2 - Document feature