Release date

8 March 2023



Our main focus in this update is to reflect amendments made to the Logan Planning Scheme 2015 (V9) and enhance the mapping, collaboration and performance features for our users.

Logan Planning Scheme 2015 Version 9

We are pleased to announce that Logan City Council are now accepting some development applications through the “Logan Assessment Portal (powered by Urpla)”.

Version 9 of the Logan Planning Scheme 2015 commenced earlier this month.  New enquiries and applications generated in the software will automatically use information from the current planning scheme (Version 9).

Enquiries and applications prepared prior to this update (8 March) may reflect the superseded planning scheme information. If you would like to update these existing applications to reflect the current planning scheme information, please contact

Surrounding zones and heritage places

To help you determine the categories of assessment and the existence of adjoining heritage places, you will see the planning summary now includes the local zoning information of adjoining land (within 15 metres of the selected land) and details of any Queensland heritage place within 75 metres of the selected land.


Mapping functionality has been enhanced to search both the local and state governments’ cadastral information. When more than 1 property description is recorded and identified for a subject lot or there is a discrepancy between the sources of information, you will have a choice of which property description to use in your application. Postcodes are now also automatically populated in the property details.


Collaboration & resolving changes

The software now provides greater functionality to help manage collaboration between team members. If you expect to be collaborating on an application concurrently with other teams members, we suggest you read this article on how to resolve changes:



We've made several other performance and bug improvements to the platform to ensure that it runs smoothly and reliably for all users. Various improvements have been made to the software functionality and documents to provide greater clarity and consistency with respect to reporting on important assessment and administrative matters, including provision for multiple owners and applicants and post office boxes for applicant notices.