Our latest update (version 1.6.0) allows users to have additional flexibility when discussing the summary of development aspects.

The new summary of development update will:

  • Provide users will separate summaries for each application type (ROL, MCU & OPW), this will be helpful for combined applications.
  • Provide users with the option to have separate textboxes to discuss different aspects of the development.
  • Show the separate aspects summaries as separate headings within the report template.
  • Provide the user with the ability to add images at the bottom of each development summary aspect.
  • Provide the user with options to “Add” and “Remove” multiple summary text boxes.
  • Provide the user with an “Other” field to write their own heading for obscure aspects to the development proposal.

The update will provide users with further guidance on discussion topics when completing their development summary. Log onto the app to view the full list of development summary aspects available.