Our latest update allows users additional flexibility and provides an opportunity to be more descriptive when describing the setbacks of a proposed development.

The new setbacks update will:

  • Provide users with a new description field, which will include; tower, podium, partial 3rd, building 1 – 4 and site 1 – 4.
  • Provide users with the new calculation tool, that can:
    • calculate based the percentage based on the land area in the details section, and
    • calculate the land area based on the figure in the percentage field.
  • Provide the user with options to “Add” and “Remove” multiple setback dimension fields.
  • Provide the user with an “Other” field for Level and Element to write their own heading for obscure aspects to the setback dimension.

The update may have removed site cover data entered in the ‘Proposal Details’ fields before the update was run. 

If you have an application that has been affected by the update, all you need to do is return to the ‘Proposal Details’ section of the app (under the ‘Assessment’ tab – ‘All Assessment’, as shown in the image below) and reinsert the setback and site cover details of the proposal, then click on the ‘Save & Proceed’ button at the bottom right of the screen. Log onto the app to view the full list of site cover aspects available.