The ‘Supporting documents’ can be found under the Reporting step (Reporting (Applicant) and Reporting (Authority)). The ‘Supporting documents’ displays the documents uploaded by the applicant only. The applicant can upload their individual forms, supporting documents, plans and drawings and specialist reports and information for the development application.

Learn more about the supporting document for Applicants and the Authority here: Reporting - Supporting Documents (Applicant) & Reporting - Supporting documents (Authority).

The individual documents uploaded in Supporting documents will append to the 4 parts of the development application, those 4 parts are:

  • Part 1: Forms

  • Part 2: Supporting documents

  • Part 3: Plans and drawings

  • Part 4: Specialist information and other

Part 2: Supporting documents is the Applicant’s Town Planning Report and Code compliance tables, that are automatically generated by the software based on the inputs inserted into the software by the Application manager (Applicant). The software will also append any further “Supporting information” (i.e. existing approvals) where uploaded by the Application manager (Applicant) listed in Part 2 below.

The software will automatically regenerate the 4 parts and update the Documents feature when an application is published by the Application manager (ie. when the application is lodged when the applicant responds to an action notice, information request or further advice).

“Documents” is different “Supporting documents”. Visit our Help Centre article for more information about the Documents feature.

What parts do my uploaded documents append to?

The applicant can select from the common list of documents they wish to append to their application. The software will automatically sort the selected documents into the relevant part (Parts 1-4).

Part 1: Forms

  • Agreement alternative infrastructure charges form

  • DA Form 1

  • Fee reduction approval

  • Infrastructure charge proposal summary

  • Infrastructure charges proposal form

  • Lodgement letter

  • Material change of use and/or ROL application form

  • Operational works application form

  • Other

  • Owner's consent

  • Planning application fee calculation

  • Property information

  • Receipt for payment of fee

  • Risksmart

  • Title search

Part 2: Supporting documents

  • Alternative assessment benchmarks

  • City Plan property mapping

  • Council prelodgement minutes

  • Cultural Heritage Database Register (aboriginal and torres strait islander cultural heritage)

  • Current application

  • Current approval

  • Detailed site survey

  • Detailed site topography survey

  • Development Assessment Mapping System triggers and SPP benchmarks

  • Easement dealings

  • EMR & CLR

  • EPBC Protected Matters

  • Existing approvals

  • Existing easement documentation (plans and drawings)

  • Minor change representations

  • Other

  • Site analysis

  • State prelodgement minutes

Part 3: Plans and drawings

  • Civil documentation (plans and drawings)

  • Civil OPW (plans and drawings)

  • Design documentation (plans and drawings)

  • Design perspectives/ CGI

  • Environmental OPW (plans and drawings)

  • Hydraulic OPW (plans and drawings)

  • Landscape Intent (plans and drawings)

  • Landscape OPW (plans and drawings)

  • Master plan

  • Other

  • Plan of development

  • Plan of subdivision

  • Resource Extraction OPW

  • Stormwater & Drainage OPW (plans and drawings)

  • Structural documentation (plans and drawings)

  • Structural OPW (plans and drawings)

Part 4: Specialist information and other

  • Acoustic assessment report

  • Acoustic documentation (plans and drawings)

  • Bushfire assessment report

  • Civil assessment report

  • Design report

  • Design statement

  • Design visual analysis

  • Economic assessment report

  • Emissions assessment report

  • Environmental assessment report

  • Environmental documentation (plans and drawings)

  • Geotechnical assessment report

  • Hydraulic assessment report

  • Hydraulic documentation (plans and drawings)

  • Hydrology assessment report

  • Landscape design statement

  • Landscape visual analysis

  • Other

  • Parking calculation table

  • Resource extraction assessment report

  • Stormwater & drainage assessment report

  • Stormwater & drainage documentation (plans and drawings)

  • Structural assessment report

  • Structural documentation (plans and drawings)

  • Survey report

  • Transport & traffic assessment report

  • Transport & traffic documentation (plans and drawings)

  • Urban design documentation (plans and drawings)

  • Urban design report

  • Urban design site analysis

  • Urban design statement

  • Urban design visual analysis

  • Waste assessment calculation table

  • Waste management assessment report

Can I attach or upload ‘Other documents’ not identified in the supporting documents list?

If the applicant cannot find the relevant document listed in the drop-down menu, the Application manager (Applicant) can select “Other“. The software will then ask the applicant which part they wish to attach the document to. Once the document has been saved to the relevant part, the Application manager can navigate to the document in the relevant part and name the uploaded document.