The new ‘Codes’ step consolidates two steps in the app (‘Other Development’ and ‘Overlays’ steps) and provides you with the ability to identify where and how relevant codes will be addressed.   This new step provides a filtered list of planning scheme codes that are potentially relevant to the proposal. You can select whether each relevant code will be appended to the planning report (ie. addressing the code in the ‘Reporting’ step) or whether the code will be included in one of the specialists' reports (ie. completed separately by another consultant and uploaded in Supporting Documents).  All of the applicable codes will then be listed in a table within the report.


The new ‘Reporting’ step (previously ‘Assessment’) prompts you to address each code purpose and provide detailed discussion on any proposed alternate solutions (if applicable) immediately after addressing that code’s performance/acceptable outcomes.  If you address a code purpose and provide a detailed discussion on alternate solutions, they will be grouped together under consecutive headings in the report.  We believe this results in a report layout that is easier to navigate and read.