Preview report

Users now have the ability to preview a draft report at any step within the app. The new preview report button allows the draft report to appear without the user navigating away from the step they are working on at the time.

Updated navigation in the app 

The app now provides additional guidance at every step by way of helpful information icons. Hover over theScreen_Shot_2020-04-03_at_1.02.06_pm.png for guidance on the task you are completing.

State & Federal 

The app has been updated to reflect recent changes to the Planning Regulation, picking up the new controls for koala habitat areas.  
The app now also makes it easier to identify where the Regulation prescribes other assessment matters and for the user to address these matters in the report.


Users can now insert more detail when describing the proposed setbacks of a proposed development.
Changes include:
  • Adding 'Side' field to better help describe which side of the lot is being referenced
  • Adding a 'Comment' field to better help describe unique elements within the proposed development
  • Adding an 'Other' option to each list to insert bespoke information about setbacks

Car parking

Updates to the car parking feature provide the option to insert greater detail when describing the parking types for a proposed development (eg. resident, staff, visitor and pooled car and bicycle parking). This includes the option to include service vehicle parking and an 'other' option to deal with other parking arrangements.

Answer all 

The "Answer all PO & AO" function has been optimised to allow users to more easily respond to each performance outcome and acceptable outcome of a coder with the same response.  Users can also save these responses and completed codes to the library for future use.

Accepted subject to requirements

The app can now produce planning reports for development categorised as ‘accepted subject to requirements’. These reports are useful for making applications to Council to confirm accepted development status and can be provided to building certifiers to support building applications.