What is the Statistics feature?

The Statistics feature is a tool used to view statistics about the application.

Who can use the Statistic feature?

Both the Authority and Applicant have access to the Statistics feature. All members of your organisation can view the Statistics feature.

What do I use the Statistics feature for?

The Statistics feature can be used to track the progress of the application. The Statistics feature tracks the progress based on the assessment team, as each individual task is assigned to a role.

Track the complexity of the application by reviewing the ‘Assessment summary’, the assessment answer of each benchmark is recorded (example: complies or doesn’t comply).

Where is the Statistics feature located?

The Statistics feature is located on the toolbar on the top right of every application.

How do I use the Statistics feature?

  1. Navigate to the Applications dashboard.

  2. Select an application.

  3. On the toolbar, on the top right next to the Planning Summary, select the Statistics feature (it will say --% Complete)

  4. The Statistics feature will open.