About this step

Supporting documents are added here by the Applicant. The Authority can review and assess or request more information about Applicant’s uploaded supporting material (e.g. forms, plans and drawings or technical reports).

What you will find here

Supporting documents

Supporting information and documents are added here.

What file types can I upload at Supporting documents?

  • PDF documents

  • Word documents

  • Shapefiles


Where a non PDF file has been uploaded to Supporting documents (i.e. Word document, ShapefIle or JPEG/PNG), these file types won’t appear in the PDF documents that generate at the Publish (Authority) step.

How do I access supporting documents?

Option 1

  1. Select the application you would like to work on.

  2. Navigate to the cloud icon next to the Planning Summary (located in the top toolbar of the app).

  3. Select the icon to access the Supporting Documents.

Option 2

  1. Select the application you would like to work on.

  2. Navigate to the Reporting (Authority) step.

  3. Select the 'All Assessment' or your applicable collaborator assessment card

  4. At the bottom of the left navigation panel, select Supporting Documents

What do the Authority do at Supporting documents?

The authority can use the Supporting documents section to review, assess or request more information from the applicant about their uploaded supporting material.

How do I upload supporting documents? 

The Authority doesn’t have the ability to upload Supporting documents. If the Authority wishes to add a:

  • ‘Recommend approved document’ with the Assessment Report and Draft conditions or;

  • Approved document’ with the Decision Notice and Conditions,

it can be done at the Conditions (Authority) step under the ‘Approved documents’ section.