What is the report preview feature?

The report preview feature allows applicants to preview their development application report (PDF) in an earlier step without having to navigate to the Publish (Applicant) step.

What do I use the report preview feature for?

You could use this feature to see how your report template is looking as you are inputting information or making changes at each step.

For example when inputting your executive summary in the Reporting (Applicant) step, if you are interested in knowing how it is generated in your PDF town planning report, you could use the report preview feature to do this.

Where can I find the report preview feature?

The report preview feature is available in the toolbar of every application (next to the Planning summary).

How do I use the report preview feature?

  1. Select the Report preview icon in the top toolbar, the feature will slide out from the right side of the screen.

  2. You will be presented with the four parts of the development application.

  3. Select ‘Enable’ to generate each part (this may take a few seconds).

  4. Once the part has been generated you can scroll within the PDF viewer to the part you wish to review or alternatively use the maximise button next to the Part heading, this will open the PDF in another window.

The documents generated in the report preview feature will not include cover pages and any uploaded material. To view the entire application package naviagte to the Publish (Applicant) step to generate the report with all the appendicies and cover pages.