About this step

Automation of research, collaboration, assessment, information and task management, and formatting to generate complete development applications - so you can focus on being the professional town planner that you are!

What you will find here

Generate Preview

Use this button to generate the development application for the first time.


Use this button to open the development application in a PDF viewer.

Refresh Preview

Use this button to regenerate the development application if you have made any changes.


Use the Publish button, to lodge the development application to the Authority.


Preview and publish your development application

1. Select Generate Preview on the applicable parts at the Publish step. 

If you did not upload any documents into Part 4 (i.e. any specialists report), you do not need to generate a Part 4: Specialist information and other. 

2. Select View on any of the four parts to view your automated development application. 

3. Select Download PDF to view the Part in a PDF viewer in a new window and download.

4. Once you are happy with the development application, select Publish in the bottom right corner.

5. The Incomplete Tasks feature will generate if you haven’t completed all of your tasks, select the Go There button to finish the tasks you have left on your development application. Select Continue to ignore the pop-up.

6. A pop-up will generate asking you to confirm you are happy to lodge the application, select Yes.

7. The four parts will generate again and the application will be lodged with the Authority

If you go back and make changes in the app, you must select Refresh Preview when coming back to preview and Publish the development application.

Preview and download your Microsoft Word development application

You have the option to download the Microsoft Word documents for all four parts of the report. 

1. Select Generate Word to generate the Microsoft Word version of each part of the report. 

2. Once the Microsoft Word document has generated, select Download Word. The document will download as a Zip file, within your downloads folder.

The report will download as separate documents (not as one word document). Once you have made your changes, you are required to PDF and merge the documents back together to a single PDF part.

If you go back and make changes in the app, you must select Generate Word when coming back to preview and download the Microsoft Word parts of the report. 

When viewing your report, if you find a mistake, you should go back into the application in the software and amend any content within the steps. It is important to keep your development application the most up to date before submitting to the assessment officer for assessment.