The software allows for parts of the public notification process to occur in the app. A process map has been provided below to detail the various touch point for applicants and the authority when moving an application through the Public notification process in the software.

The software has a status in the workflow called Public notification status that is visible for both applicants and the Authority on the Applications dashboard.

Steps in completing the public notification process

1. Applicant (application manager) notifies the Authority they are starting public notification and will submit the Notice of Commencement outside of the software (e.g. via email).

2. The Authority will then manually update the application status to Public notification using the Update Status feature (Manual).

As the application manager, you will be able to see that the application has moved into the Public notification status on your dashboard.

3. The Authority will continue to complete the assessment in this status.

The public notification status is a Authority status, as the applicant, you can't make any edits to the application when it is in this status.

4. Once Public notification has been completed, the applicant will submit their Notice of compliance (outside the software (e.g. via email).

5. The Authority will manually update the status of the application using the Update Status feature (Manual) to the appropriate status.

Both the Assessment manager and application manager will be updated via email about any status changes.

Where can I upload the notice of commencement or notice of compliance in the app?

If the application is within a Authority status, the assessment manager may choose to upload the notices within the appendix of the assessment report (Assessment Report (Authority) step > Supporting documents).

If the application is within a Applicant status, the application manager may choose to upload the notices to Reporting - Supporting Documents (Applicant) > Part 1 Forms or Part 2 Supporting documents.

Where can I record public notification matters as an Authority?

The Authority will be prompted to address public notification matters at the Assessment Report (Authority) step. This section records:

  • Public notification start and end date

  • Number of business days the application was notified

  • Notification of compliance date

  • Number of public submissions objecting and supporting

    • The number of submissions is generated in the Assessment report and Decision notice.

    • Not properly made submissions can be addressed as part of the Submission summary in the free text field.

  • A summary (a free-type text field) to discuss submitter concerns.

    • This field can also be used to discuss the number of not properly made applications.

    • You can add multiple free-type text fields to discuss submitter concerns.

The public notification section at Assessment report step will automatically generates here when the user selects 15 or 30 business days to the Public notification question at the Action/Confirmation Notice (Authority) step during Validating status.

What happens if further information is required to be requested of the applicant while the application is in Public notification status?

Further information can not be requested from the applicant while the application is in Public notification status. The status of the application must be moved back to Evaluation status. Below is a process map that details how information could be requested from the applicant if the application is in Public notification status.