About this step

The Proposal step allows the Authority to add the Applicant's proposal details for the Authorities Paper-based process, learn more about the Paper-based process here, Development Application and Assessment Process (End-to-end vs Paper-based).

What you will find here

Local authorities categorising planning legislation

Aligned with the development application types and specific aspects of the proposed development.

Preliminary Proposal

The Applicant's proposal details are added here.



Instructions (End-to-end)

Instructions (Paper-based)

  1. Review the applicants lodged material outside of the software to find the relevant proposal details.

  2. Enter the key proposal details being asked at this step e.g. Height, Density or Lot size etc.

  3. Use the development type icons, located at the top left of the Proposal step, to switch between proposal detail fields.

  4. Select Save & Proceed to progress to the next step.