About this step

Use this step to inform your client of the development potential of the site.  

Research the type of application and enter some key proposal details about the development. As part of the research, understand the potential category determination for each development type.

When you progress past the proposal step, you will be asked to create and save your project and application.

What you will find here

Category determination

Determine if the proposed development requires an application to council, usually states the proposed development and its 'Category'.

Aspects of a development proposal

Record those aspects of the development that determine the category.


1. Select the development type icons, located at the top left of the Proposal step.

2. The corresponding local planning legislation for that development type and the subject properties will automatically be displayed for your reference.

3. Record those aspects of the development proposal that determine the category on the right. This could be, land use, height, density, a gross floor area or lot size (these proposal details change depending on the planning legislation).

4. Once you have entered your proposal details, select Save & Proceed.

5. The Planning Summary will produce once you select Save & Proceed. To learn more about what you will find in the Planning Summary, visit What can I find in my Planning Summary?.

6. At the Planning Summary select Continue.

7. You will be directed to create and save your Project and Application. Learn more about projects here, What are projects?.

8. Select the development type from the options and select the nature of the development.

Use the Add button if you are proposing more than one nature of development.

9. Select the application type from the dropdown menu for the development application.

10. Add a reference number for the application if applicable.

11. Select Save. You will be directed to the next step Categories (Applicant).

Property Groups: Where there are multiple properties, they are grouped by the planning layer. This way, aspects of the development are assigned in alignment with the determination of the respective category determination.

Automatic formatting of those aspects of the development proposal in the Planning Summary (located in the top right), Proposal details (located in the Reporting (Applicant) step), and the development application report.

If during the process of preparing the application you want to edit the aspects of the development proposal that determine the category, we advise you to return to the https://urplaapp.atlassian.net/wiki/pages/resumedraft.action?draftId=73173597 step to make the changes, then select Save & Proceed.