What is this status?

Preparation is an Applicant status, where the applicant can prepare and lodge a development application.

The software takes the user through a step-by-step guided workflow, the built-in Town Planning Intelligence customises each workflow by filtering and structuring those processes, requirements and tasks applicable to the development proposal.

Learn more about what an application status is here What is an application status?.

How do applications move into this status?

Applications are created within Preparation status, this is the first status in the application preparation and assessment workflow.

How do applications move out of this status?

Once the Applicant has completed creating the application in Preparation status, they will lodge the application and it will automatically move into Awaiting assignment status.

Who has access to applications in this status?

See Applicant Roles & Permissions to understand what Organisational roles and Application Team roles have access to applications in this status.

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