What are Notes?

Notes are structured comments that are assigned to particular parts of the application or assessment benchmarks and can be filtered when viewing. They are an informal document that is used for internal communication within your organisation. Each note is time-stamped and states the user that created it. Notes can be edited and deleted by the creator of the note. Note comments do not appear in any reports or notices, they are for internal use only. 

What do I use the Note feature for?

Use this feature to easily document concerns, ask a question to someone in your organisation or write a note.

Example: You need to work out the number of car parks required for the development, use the Note feature to document your calculations. 

Where is the Note feature located?

The Note feature is attached to each assessment item, underneath each discussion text box. The Note feature can also be found in the top toolbar, next to the Planning Summary. 

Who can use the Note feature? 

The Note feature can be used by the entire assessment team, assessment managers, internal referrals, coordinators etc. 

How do I create a Note? 

  1. Find the assessment item you wish to elaborate on. 

  2. Select the Note feature (located under each discussion text box, above the Mark Complete button). 

  3. The Note feature will open in a pop-up window. Your Note will be tagged with the corresponding assessment item you are writing about.

  4. Type your Note in the discussion text box provided. Select Post.

  5. Your Note will appear above.

  6. Use the action icon (three buttons) to edit, delete or copy discussion text to the assessment items discussion text box.