What is this status?

Information request is an Authority status, where the Authority can complete an assessment of the development application and request further information from the Applicant if required.

The relevant Applicant development application information and material are populated into a customised workflow. Irrelevant applicant information is filtered out, allowing the Authority to focus on their assessment of the application.

Learn more about what an application status is here What is an application status?.

How do applications move into this status?

Applications will automatically move into this status once the preliminary assessment of the application during Validating status has been completed.

How do applications move out of this status?

Once the Authority has completed their assessment of the application, there are two statuses the application could move into;

  1. If the Authority identified an information request item the application will automatically move into Further information status, for the Applicant to address the information request items. Read this article on how to create an Information request How do I generate an Information Request?.

  2. If the Authority has identified no information request item, the application will automatically move into Finalising report status.

Who has access to applications in this status?

See Authority Roles & Permissions to understand what Organisational roles and Application Team roles have access to applications in this status.

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