About this step

Ensuring transparency, clarity and ease of comprehension, requested items are always referenced back to planning legislative matters.

The Information request step compiles all the requests made by the Authority. This step allows the Authority to review the requested items they have completed in an easy to comprehend format.

What you will find here

Information request items

Information request items will compile on the left navigation pane. Use the dropdown arrows to review the entire requests.


Use this feature to provide an overview for the Information request to the Applicant if necessary.

Response Library

Response Library

What is the Response Library?

Upload Image


Supporting documents

Supporting documents are added here. Uploaded documents will be appended to the notice/reoprt generated at the Publish (Authority) step.

The following file types can uploaded here:

  • PDF

  • Word

  • Shapefiles


Review the uploads attached in Supporting documents at the Information request step. Documents uploaded while issuing a Informtion request or Further advice will not be automatically removed when response comes back from the Applicant.

To remove a supporting document, select the 'Remove' button next to the supporting document you want to remove.

Instructions (End-to-end & Paper-based)

What is the End-to-end & Paper-based process? Read Development Application and Assessment Process (End-to-end vs Paper-based).

1. Review the requested items on the left navigation pane. If you need to make a change to any of the requested items, select the GO THERE button to take you back to the item to make the change.

2. Select ADD on the right pane to write an Overview for the notice if required.

3. Upload supporting documents to the notice if required.

4. Select SAVE & PROCEED.

The requests on the left navigation pane are grouped by subject matter expertise.

There may not be any request items at this step. If this is incorrect, go back to the previous steps to ensure your assessment includes the requested items. Read this article Key Assessment Functionality to understand how to request information on a matter.