What is the Incomplete Tasks feature?

The Incomplete tasks feature is a helpful organisational task management tool used on an application-by-application basis. The feature is a pop-up with a list of incomplete tasks, calculated based on the total amount of tasks required to be completed within the Application Status, minus the tasks that have already been completed i.e. marked ‘Complete’.

The incomplete tasks feature automatically generates for the user at the Publish step, prior to them updating the status of the application or publishing a document to ensure they haven’t missed an assessment items.

What do I use the Incomplete Tasks feature for?

Use this feature to easily identify what you have left to complete on your workload. It is a feature used on a application by application basis, and can be used by everyone in your organisation.

Where is the Incomplete Tasks feature located?

The Incomplete tasks feature is located in the top toolbar of every application, it can be found on the top right of the application next to the Planning Summary.

How do I complete my Incomplete Tasks?

  1. Select the Incomplete tasks feature in the toolbar in the top right.

  2. Review the items in the list.

  3. Select the Go There button located next to each item.

  4. You will be automatically taken to the step, where you have the outstanding task.