Depending on your Authority Roles & Permissions, you will be asked to send the document/s for review once you are ready to Publish.

1. Once you are ready for the document/s to be reviewed, at the Publish (Authority) step select the PUBLISH button.

2. A pop-up will generate asking “Would you like your supervisor/coordinator to review the draft document? If you select ‘Yes’, your supervisor/coordinator will be notified and you will be notified when the review is completed.”

3. Select YES.

Depending on your Account Settings - Groups settings. The software may automatically send the review to the Supervisor of your group. Or if you don't have a group the software will ask you to select a Supervisor to send the review to.

4. An email will automatically send to the coordinator with a link to the application to complete the review. The application card will automatically be updated on the Applications dashboard to identify users that a review is being completed.

Only Coordinators have permission to send documents to the Application manager (Applicant).

As the Assessment manager you will be responsible for ensuring the collaborator assessment is completed before you send the notice for supervisor review. It is suggested that you wait until the assessment cards at the Reporting (Authority) step have all been authorised (e.g. dont state Pending).

If a collaborator has bypassed the supervisor review for their group, and sent there work directly to the Assessment manager for review, the Assessment manager will be the ‘Authoriser' for those collaborator tasks. The collaborator assessment cards will state 'Authorised by <Assessment managers name> on <date>’ once the assessment manager send their work (the document) for supervisor review.