Depending on your Authority Roles & Permissions, you will be asked to send your assessment for review once you are ready to finalise your work.

1. Once you are ready for your work to be reviewed, at the Conditions (Authority) step select the SAVE & PROCEED button.

2. A pop-up will generate asking “Is the supervisor’s authorisation required?” (see Figure 1 below).

The pop-up will display your supervisor/s names, allowing you to confirm the correct supervisor who will be prompted by email to complete the review. To find out more on how to change your supervisor/s please read this article, How do I change my supervisor?.

Figure 1 - Collaborator’s supervisor review dialogue

3. Select YES.

If you select NO you will be prompted to send it to the Assessment manager (skipping the supervisor review process).

Depending on your Account Settings - Groups settings and who you have invited the Team (Authority). The software may automatically list the inbvited Supervisor of your group. Or if you don't have a group the software will prompt you to select a Supervisor to send the review to.

Your Group in account settings must be assigned your collaborator role that you are requesting for supervisor review.

Ex: If you are a transport and traffic collaborator and you want to send your work for supervisor review, you must both be in a Group together in account settings and you must have the Transport and Traffic Collaborator role assigned to the Group.

If you don’t assign the collaborator role in your Group, when you go to send your work for review, your supervisor wont see your collaborator card at the Reporting step.

4. An email will automatically send to the supervisor with a link to the application to complete the review.

Your collaborator assessment card will show a notification that collaborator supervisor authorisation is ‘Pending’.

The application card will automatically be updated on the Applications dashboard to identify users that a review is being completed.

If a collaborator has bypassed the supervisor review for their group, and sent there work directly to the Assessment manager for review, the Assessment manager will be the ‘Authoriser' for those collaborator tasks. The collaborator assessment cards will state 'Authorised by <Assessment managers name> on <date>’ once the assessment manager send their work (the document) for supervisor review.