• Monitor what your team are writing whenever you log on.

  • Edit, delete and search through the team answers. 

  • Amend spelling and sentence structure throughout your team answers.

  • Monitor your team's answers for consistency with language and formatting within your company's IP.

Monitored organisational answers that are used consistently across the team provide the assessment officer with clear and concise answers every time to help with the assessment process. Ultimately providing you and your client with quicker approval times of the development application. 

Who has access to edit the Response Library Answers?

See Authority Roles & Permissions or Applicant Roles & Permissions .

How to edit, duplicate or remove the team answers?

1. In the top right corner, select on your user profile.

2. Go to Account Settings.

3. At the timeline at the top select Answers.

4. Filter through the answers by type, tags and answers. You can find the filter sitting above the table.

5. Find the answer you would like to edit, duplicate or remove.

6. Select the action icon (three dots) located to the right of the answer to complete your task.