The software allows the Authority to build the finalise the Stamped Approved Documents during the decision phase. You can build and finalise the Stamped Approved Documents during:

The Stamped Approved Documents are generated based on the final list of Stamped Approved Documents that are generated with the Authority’s Assessment report. See How do I generate the Recommended Approved Documents?.

The Stamped Approved Documents are created at the Conditions (Authority) step in the workflow. Assessment managers will be tasked with uploading the stamped approved version of the approved document at the Conditions (Authority) step.

If the decision is for an ‘Approval' or 'Part Approval’, the software will automatically generate the Stamped Approved Documents in the final decision package once the Assessment manager publishes the Decision notice & Development conditions.

Once the application moves into Decided status the authority & applicant can find the Stamped Approved Documents within the Documents feature in the top toolbar.



1. Build your Stamped Approved Documents at the Conditions (Authority) step during the Finalising decision status.

Please see our Help centre article Conditions (Authority) for more detailed instructions on how to navigate the Conditions step and build your Stamped Approved Documents.

Please note that the Stamped Approved Documents won’t appear as a document at the Publish step.

2. Once you are happy with the Stamped Approved Documents, Development Conditions & Decision notice, select Publish in the bottom right corner of the Publish (Authority) step.

Depending on your Authority’s configurations you may be required to send the Decision package for Supervisor Review.

3. The Stamped Approved documents will be made available in the Documents feature once the status of the application updates to Decided status.

4. Use the ‘Download All' button to access the Stamped Approved Documents. When you select 'Download All' the software will download all the documents in a ZIP file to your local computer. The Stamped Approved Documents will appear within the ‘Approved documents’ folder within the ZIP file.