The software allows the Authority to build the Recommended Approved Documents during the assessment and recommendation phase. You can build and edit the Recommended Approved Documents during:

The Recommended Approved Documents are created at the Conditions (Authority) step in the workflow. Assessment managers and Collaborators (e.g. environment and engineering referrals) will be tasked with creating and amending the Recommend Approved Documents together at the Conditions (Authority) step.

If the recommended decision is for an ‘Approval' or 'Part Approval’, the software will automatically generate the Recommended Approved Documents with the Authority’s Assessment report in the Appendix. The Authority (Assessment Manager) can download the Recommended Approved Documents with the Assessment report at the Publish (Authority) step in Finalising report status.

Once the application moves into Finalising decision status the authority can find the Recommended Approved Documents within the Assessment report within the Documents feature in the top toolbar.


1. Build your Recommended Approved Documents at the Conditions (Authority) step during the following statuses: Information request status, Evaluation status, Public notification status & Finalising report status.

Please see our Help centre article Conditions (Authority) for more detailed instructions on how to navigate the Conditions step and build your Recommended Approved Documents.

Please note that the Recommended Approved Documents won’t appear as a document at the Publish step. The Recommended Approved documents are within the Appendix of the Assessment report.

2. When you reach the Publish (Authority) step in the Finalising report status select the ‘Generate Preview’ button for the Assessment Report and allow the document to generate.

3. Once generated select ‘View’. The Assessment report will display in the PDF viewer.

4. Select the ‘Download PDF’ button or the ‘Generate word’ button shown in Figure 1 below to download a copy of the Assessment report with Recommended Approved Documents attached in the Appendix.

When you download the PDF version before publishing, the ‘Draft’ watermark will be incorporated into the document.

Figure 1 - Download PDF and Generate Word button

5. Once you are happy with the Assessment report and Recommended Approved documents you can select Publish in the bottom right corner of the Publish (Authority) step.

Depending on your Authority’s configurations you may be required to send the Assessment report and Recommended Approved Documents for Supervisor Review.

Once the documents have been published the 'Draft' watermark will automatically be removed from the documents. You can download a copy to the Assessment report and Recommended Approved Documents without the draft watermark in the Documents feature.