Development conditions can be built at the Conditions step during the following statuses: Information request status, Evaluation status, Public notification status, Finalising report status. Development conditions must be finalised during Finalising decision status.

Draft development conditions can be generated during the Finalising report status, with the assessment report. The final development conditions package is generated during Finalising decision status, with the decision notice.


Steps within the Finalising decision process

1. At the Applications dashboard, select your assigned application in the Finalising decision status.

2. At the Conditions step you will need to confirm the list of approved documents, special conditions and standard conditions. Check the list of approved documents, special conditions and standard conditions reflects your recommendation (as the assessment manager) or the final decision (as the supervisor/delegate).

The assessment manager will need to download the supported copy of the approved documents and externally stamp them and reupload them into the software during Finalising decision status.

3. Work your way through the left navigation pane, completing any remaining tasks for the conditions step. Learn more about how to complete the Conditions step, by reading Conditions (Authority).

4. Once complete, select Save & Proceed.

5. Navigate to the Publish (Authority) step. The Decision Notice and Conditions will be generated here. Select Generate Preview to generate the documents. If you need to make any changes, navigate back to the Conditions step, make your changes, and select Save & Proceed. Once back at the Publish step, you will need to regenerate the document to include the changes made to the conditions document.

6. Once you have reviewed the documents, select Publish. The application status will automatically be updated and documents emailed to the applicant.

The draft watermark will be removed from the conditions document once the user selects Publish at the Publish step during Finalising decision status.

Access the documents at any time! All documents, once published, get added to the Documents feature list in the top toolbar.