To generate the assessment report the application should be in the Finalising report status. The assessment report has been building in the background during the applications previous statuses. A final review of assessment matters and summary is required to generate the document. 

How to finalise the assessment report for the application


1. At the application dashboard, select your assigned application in the Finalising report status.

As the evaluation of the application has been completed, the steps from Location to Reporting are now disabled. You can review any of the steps in a read only status. 

2. At the Assessment Report (Authority) step, review the key assessment issues and recommendations in the left pane and insert details into the right pane and select Mark Complete. Once you have completed everything, select Save & Proceed.

The following sections populate in the assessment report: Public notification/submissions, Overview (key aspects of development), Planning considerations checklist, Conclusion and Recommendation.

The following sections populate in the draft conditions: Special conditions and Documents.

3. At the Publish (Authority) step the Assessment Report and Draft Conditions will be generated. Select Generate Preview to generate the documents.

4. Once you have reviewed the documents, select Publish. The application status will automatically be updated.

Access the documents at any time! All documents, once published, get added to the Documents feature list in the top toolbar.