What do I do once I have completed my Supervisor review?

Once the coordinator has completed their review they can either send the document back to the Assessment manager for further work to be completed or they can send the document to the Applicant.

  1. At the Publish step, select PUBLISH.

  2. If you have flagged, Users a notified at the end of their tasks/steps that they have flagged items.

  3. A pop-up will generate asking “Select 'Email to Applicant' if you confirm that the application has been assessed completely and the document can be emailed to the applicant. The status of the application will be updated automatically. Select 'Send to Assessment manager/Reviewer' if you would like changes to be made to the document of the application.”

  4. Select the appropriate button.

  5. If you select SEND TO ASSESSMENT MANAGER/REVIEWER, the equivalent active team member on the application’s assessment team will be notified via email that they have action to take on the application. The Coordinator review process will start again.

  6. If you select SEND TO APPLICANT, the document will be sent to the Application manager (Applicant) on the applications assessment team. They will be notified via email and the status of the application will automatically update to the next status in the workflow.

Only Coordinators have permission to send documents to the Application manager (Applicant).

How can I tell who the active Assessment manager or Admin is on the application? The Team (Applicant) feature will list all applicant and authority team members who have worked on the application.