What are Groups?

Groups are designed to facilitate the review and authorisation of team members' work. Assessment is predominantly completed by a ‘Member’ and reviewed and authorised by a ‘Supervisor’. The Groups allow for the automatic assignment of ‘Supervisors’ to complete that review and authorisation.

If your Authority organisation has identified that Supervisor Review is required for the authorisation of assessments, notices or reports, then the organisation must use the Group functionality.

Supervisor review is a configurable setting, identified during implementation of the software in your authority organisation.

How do I create a Group?

See Creating, editing and removing Groups.

Why should my organisation create Groups?

Create groups to control how members and their supervisors get automatically assigned to applications.

Where do I create or edit a Group?

In Account Settings within the step ‘Groups’.

Who can be a Group Supervisor?

Only users who have a Coordinator organisational role can be a group Supervisor.

Why? Only Coordinator organisational roles have the ability to complete a Supervisor Review.

Who can be a Group Member?

Coordinator or Member organisational roles can be a group member.

What are Collaborator roles?

Collaborator roles are subject matter categories assigned to your Authority’s planning legislation assessment criteria (e.g. Environment, Waste & Water or Parkse etc.).

Who has permission to create and edit Groups in Account settings?

Coordinator and member organisational roles. See Authority Roles & Permissions.

Do I need to update Groups to reflect my organisation's teams?

Yes. To ensure that the correct Supervisor is being identified during a Supervisor Review the Groups must accurately reflect the Supervisors of Members completing that work.

Who has access to groups in account settings?

Learn more about user permissions here:


As an organisational member do I need to be a part of a group to send my work for supervisor review?

  • Yes, and you need a supervisor in your group.

Can members be across multiple groups?

  • You can only be assigned to 1 group as a member

Can you have multiple supervisors in a group

  • Yes

Can supervisors be in more than one group?

  • Yes

Can an organisation have multiple groups

  • Yes. e.g teams internal referrals, or environmental groups.

Where can I edit my groups?

  • In account settings

Can I ‘Supervisor review’ my own work?

  • Yes, if you are a member and a supervisor of the same team.

I am a coordinator, will my organisational-level permissions allow me to go in a publish a notice or report or update a status, bypassing the ‘Supervisor review’ check?

  • Yes

I am a Collaborator, can I update my application team?

  • No, you will need to contact the Assessment manager or Coordinator to update the Application team.

Can you be a collaborator and a coordinator on the same assessment team (even if you are a part of different groups)?

  • No, as you won't be able to send your work for supervisor review.

I’m an Assessment manager's Coordinator how can I see the assessment cards at the Reporting step?

  • The Assessment manager’s Coordinator must be in a Group in account settings.

    • That Group must have all the collaborator roles assigned to it.

    • The Coordinator must be a supervisor of that group.

    • The Assessment manager must be a member of that group.

  • There must be a relationship for both users on the assessment team:

    • The application must have the Coordinator as the ‘Coordinator’ role on the assessment team.

    • The application must have the Assessment manager as the ‘Assessment manager’ role on the assessment team.

    • Both the Coordinator and Assessment manager must have the same group name identified on the assessment team.

  • Each assessment card will become visible to the Assessment manager’s Coordinator once:

    • each collaborator is assigned to each collaborator role and,

    • each collaborator becomes active in the assessment team.