About the feature

Applicants can duplicate any application in any status within their organisation. The duplicated application will revert to Preparation status and will not be automatically lodged with the authority for assessment. Information from the application will be copied into the duplicated application however, the generated documents from the Documents feature and Application History will not be copied.

How can this feature be useful?

Use this feature to create a “partially completed” application quickly. This may be useful:

  • if you are preparing an application of a similar location or development type. Instead of starting a new application from scratch, you have the ability to duplicate a similar application and utilise the benchmark assessment and context information that was previously used.

EXAMPLE: In the past, you may have lodged an application for a Development Permit for the reconfiguration of a lot (1 lot into 2 lots) in the Rural residential zone, it has since been decided. You are now preparing an application for the same type of development in the same zone, you find the old application and duplicate it, taking advantage of the similar proposal detail information and similar benchmark assessment.

WARNING: As this is a duplicate of another application, the information duplicated into the new application will be incorrect in various locations. You must review ALL the application material and steps to ensure it is up-to-date with the relevant and correct information applicable to the new address, application and development type.

WARNING: The software will duplicate the state and local planning legislation versions from the previous application. If the state or local planning legislation versions are incorrect, please contact support@urpla.com to update them to the current version.

How do I know if the application has superseded planning legislation?

The software will present a dialogue box when you open the application notifying you about superseded planning legislation. You can also check the toolbar in the top left corner (under the application name) for the local planning legislation version.


  1. Locate the application you wish to duplicate on the Applications dashboard.

  2. Select the action icon (three dots), in the top right corner of the application.

  3. Select ‘Duplicate’ from the menu.

  4. You will be presented with the ‘Duplicate Application’ dialogue box.

  5. Update the application name in the field to reflect the address(es) for the new application.

  6. Select 'Save'. The duplicated application will move into Preparation status.

  7. Open the application in Preparation status.

  8. Navigate to the Location (Applicant) step and update the property address(es) & select Save & Proceed.

  9. Update the application and development type, read How do I update the development & application type?.

  10. Select the Team (Applicant) feature in the top toolbar and update the application team based on the requirements of the new application (you may need to update the 'Application manager' to you).

  11. Navigate to the Proposal (Applicant) step and work your way through all the steps again updating the fields based on the new application information.

As you input the new information and save & proceed, the software will recalculate the tasks at each step based on the new inputs.

EXAMPLE: Updating the address(es) at the Location (Applicant) step and proposal details Proposal (Applicant) step will recalculate the applicable category tables at the Categories (Applicant) step and assessment benchmark at the Codes (Applicant) step.