The software facilitates the assessment of paper-based applications, and preparation, lodgement and assessment of end-to-end applications.

The Authority Development Assessment Steps and Application Status help centre user guides have detailed instructions of both the end-to-end process and paper-based process for each status and step.

What is the End-to-end process?

The End-to-end process is the process of an Applicant preparing and lodging an application through the software, and an Authority assessing that application within the software.

What is a Paper application?

A Paper application is an application that is prepared by an applicant and lodged to an authority not using the software. The Authorities' Paper-based application allows for applications that are not prepared and lodged by the Applicant in the software to still be assessed by the Authority in the software.

What is the Paper-based process?

The Paper-based process in the process to allow an authority to use the software to assess development applications where the applicant is not using the software. For example an applicant prepares and lodges an application by traditional means (not using the software), see examples below.

Traditional preparation of applications

  • Created using PDF creators or word processing software (eg. Microsoft Word)

Traditional lodgement of applications

  • Over the counter

  • Email

  • Bespoke digital Authority portal (eg. online lodgment)