What is a Supervisor review?

Supervisor review is a process in which Assessment managers, Collaborators and admin can send their work up for supervisor review. This process comes into effect at the end of each user's workflow (e.g Publish step).

How do I complete the review process as an Assessment manager's Supervisor?

How do I complete the review process as a Collaborator's Supervisor?

How do I send my work for Supervisor review as an Admin or Assessment manager?

How do I send my work for Supervisor review as a Collaborator?

Does my work need to be reviewed by a Supervisor?

Depending on your Authority's configuration, you may be required to send your work, notices or reports for review. Confirm with your organisation's administrator to understand what processes and documents require Supervisor review.

How do I request a Supervisor review?

There is a built-in Supervisor review process. This process is captured within the relevant Authority Development Assessment Steps & Application Statuses.

Who can request a Supervisor review?

Admin, Assessment managers and Collaborators can request Supervisor review.


What happens if your supervisor is away, and I need to add a temporary supervisor?

  • You will need to update your group in account settings with the new supervisor.

  • You will then need to add them to the application team as the Coordinator.

  • You must ensure that the temporary Coordinator has your Group assigned to them.

When I finish my work as a collaborator, will I be prompted to send my work to a supervisor for review?

  • Yes

Do all my flags need to be removed for the review to be complete?

  • No