About this step

  • The client details are not required as part of building the development application, it is an optional step in the workflow.

  • The software gives you the option to invite your client to the application to fill in their details – saving you time, lowering double handling, and eliminating the risk of entering the wrong information, ultimately providing a high level of quality assurance.

  • Your invited client will only see the client step in the workflow, they won't be able to edit the rest of your application.

  • Alternatively, you can enter the client details yourself using the form.

  • If you’re using an existing/previous client for the application, the software will automatically pre-populate their saved details for you.

What you will find here

Client details    

Add in your clients names into the application for record keeping purposes

 How to invite your client into the application

1. Invite your client to the application by entering their email addresses into the search bar.

2. Select the invite button next to the search bar.

3. An email will be sent to the client and will ask them to fill out their details.  

You can use the search bar to search by name, company and email address.

Details of previous clients that have been invited can be saved for future use.

The client that you invite will only see the client page. They will have no access to other steps. You have the option to cancel the invite. 

How to enter your client’s details into the application

1.  To fill out the client details yourself, select the drop-down arrow. 

2. Enter the client details through the auto-fill feature, you have the ability to search by name or email address. 

3. Or enter the details manually by addressing the applicable content fields below.

You have the option to add more than one client (company or individuals). Simply continue listing names within the company, first and last name fields. You have the option to skip this step and come back to it at another time.