As the software is a web-based program you can access it via web browsers (i.e. Chrome or Edge) on your devices.

While it is possible to have the same application open in multiple tabs, it is not advisable as any changes made to the application in one tab may not be immediately synchronized with the others.

For example, if you are updating the same step within the application in different tabs, you will be presented with the Resolve changes dialogue to reverify your own work. This is likely to create unccesary administration work with you having to resolve changes with your own work.

In what circumstances can I have the software open in multiple tabs or windows?

You can have the same application open in multiple tabs in limited circumstances. If you are editing the application in a tab, you may only view the application in the other tabs. For example, you may choose to have a tab open to input your information (see Reporting step on the left) and may choose to have the second tab open with planning constraints or proposal information to help guide your inputs and assessment (see the Planning Summary on the right).