What is this status?

Awaiting assignment is an Authority status, it is a holding bay for lodged applications, that are awaiting assignment of an authority officer.

Learn more about what an application status is here What is an application status?.

How do applications move into this status?

An Applicant will prepare a development application in Preparation status and once they have published, it will automatically move into Awaiting assignment where a Authority officer is assigned.

How do applications move out of this status?

When an application is selected from the Awaiting review status on the Applications dashboard, they are automatically assigned to an Authority officer who selected it. Once an Authority officer is assigned, the application moves out of Awaiting review and into Validating status.

Who has access to applications in this status?

See Authority Roles & Permissions to understand what Organisational roles and Application Team roles have access to applications in this status.

What you will find here

Applicant Development Application Steps

No steps applicable to this status.