Real-time project team subject matter information and expert input. Project and Assessment team collaboration starts here.

Automatically share planning and design constraint criteria with the project consultant team.

Automatically allow the team to:

  • complete assessment criteria as subject matter expert, and

  • append respective supporting documents.

The creator of the application is the Application Manager. The Application Manager controls all invites, has access to all of the information and can edit or complete any Applicant project team members' work.

How do I invite an Applicant Collaborator to collaborate on an application?

Read this article to learn how to invite an Applicant Collaborator through the Team (Applicant) feature.

How do I accept an invitation to collaborate on an application?

  1. You will be emailed a link to collaborate on an application.

  2. Select Accept Invite on the email invitation.

  3. The link will take you to your internet browser and open the software on the invited application.

If you are using the software for the first time, you will be asked to create a login account.

If you or your company wish to create and lodge applications with the Authority in future you may wish to create an organisation account instead before clicking the link to join the application team. A scenario where you may wish to create an organisation instead, is where you are a consulting engineer who has been asked to collaborate on a planning application and following the planning approval you may be asked to prepare an application to obtain approval for Operational works - Civil works.

To create an organisation, refer to our Help Centre article on Once you have created your organisation then click on the link in your email to join the application team.

Authority collaborators won’t be able to see the application on their applications dashboard until they have accepted the invite to collaborate on the application.

What will Applicant collaborators be able to see when they are invited to collaborate on an application?

The software filters out all the irrelevant development application material for the Applicant collaborator to focus on their subject matter assessment.

Applicant collaborators have access to the Documents feature feature, which includes the plans, drawings, specialists reports and information.

Applicant collaborators have access to the Planning Summary feature, which includes planning information, mapping and resources.

Within each application, the Applicant collaborators can view the Codes (Applicant) and Reporting (Applicant) steps.

Within the Reporting (Applicant) step, the invited Applicant collaborator will only see the assessment card they are invited to. e.g. if you invite the Design role to collaborate on the application, they will only see the Design assessment card.

Within the assessment card, the Applicant collaborator will only see the assessment benchmarks applicable to the subject matter they have been invited to and the supporting documents.

Why am I seeing multiple of the same assessment benchmark?

Assessment benchmarks may be duplicated as they may deal with various subjects e.g. stormwater & environment.

This separation allows your subject matter experts to complete a comprehensive assessment against their own benchmark/task!

Applicant collaborators have access to the Notes feature.