Answer entire codes in just a few clicks.

What do I use the Answer all PO & AO feature for?

Use this feature to easily answer a code template the same response. The selected answer and applicable discussion will populate in each of the assessment criteria of the code below. This tool is useful for simple development applications where some codes may require a similar assessment response. 

Where is the Answer all PO & AO feature located?

The Answer all PO & AO feature is located in the 'Codes' section of the 'Reporting' step. It can be found at the top of the page next to the code name. Find other helpful tools located here as well, such as the View Code and Code Template Library feature. 

How do I use the Answer all PO & AO feature?

1. Once you are on the code you would like to answer all assessment criteria the same. Select the Answer All PO & AO button located at the top of the page.

2. A window will open for you to make your assessment against the code. 

3. Tick the response you would like you to answer all the code as.

4. Add further detail to your response to the discussion text box provided. 

5. Select Apply. Each of the assessment criteria will be ticked the applicable answer, and discussion text will be populated into the Code template content text boxes.

As each of the assessment criteria is marked the same response, the criteria of the code is then marked Completed.